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International logistics, also known as global logistics, refers to an international commodity transaction or exchange activity in which the seller delivers documents and goods and receives payment for goods in order to overcome the space and time distance between production and consumption when two or more countries independently produce and consume, so as to achieve the ultimate goal of international commodity transaction; The buyer accepts the documents, pays for the goods and receives the trade terms of the goods.

The broad scope of international logistics research includes international trade logistics, non trade logistics, international logistics investment, international logistics cooperation, international logistics exchange and other fields. Among them, international trade logistics mainly refers to the reasonable international flow of goods of designated organizations; Non trade logistics refers to international exhibition logistics, international postal logistics, etc. International logistics cooperation refers to the international logistics in which enterprises from different countries complete major international economic and technological projects; International logistics investment refers to the joint investment and construction of international logistics enterprises by logistics enterprises from different countries; International logistics exchanges mainly refer to international exchanges in logistics science, technology, education, training and management.